Benefits of Membership in CSCMP

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals serves its membership by focusing on three key interest areas:

  • Developing and improving logistics management skills by creating opportunities for communication and dialogue among those in the profession
  • Conducting research that adds to the knowledge base of logistic theory and practice
  • Serving as a resource to create an awareness of the critical role of logistics in the global economy and its significance to business activities


Global CSCMP Member: The Southern California Roundtable is one of 100+ CSCMP ‘roundtables’ around the world. When you join the global organization of 9000+ members at, you’re automatically enrolled in your local roundtable(RT), and can receive regular communications from up to 3 Roundtables.

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 Annual membership (only $150-295 depending on your situation), at enables full access to the CSCMP membership database, discounts to SCR and global events, regular publications and research (including the Annual State of Logistics report). Memberships are individual, not transferable, move with you wherever you go and renew annually. Special rates for students, people under age 30 and/or between jobs.

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