Presidents Message


From the President’s Pen

Welcome to the 2016/2017 Roundtable year!  Our Roundtable is excited about the activities and events planned head to support our local industry.  This is a result of the continued dedication of our Board Members, as well as the participation of our members throughout Southern California.  We look to continue to drive the mission leading the organization of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals which is connect, educate, and develop supply chain professionals throughout the lifecycle of their career. 


My name is Jorie Ramsaur and I am excited to lead the Southern California CSCMP Roundtable.  CSCMP has provided me the opportunity to connect and network with amazing individuals throughout our industry, gain leadership opportunities, give back to the community by working with rising students, as well as continue to broaden my knowledge on current trends and educational information.


The Southern California CSCMP Roundtable strives to offer a diverse programming lineup that touches on all cornerstones of our organization.  Our programming offers our members the opportunity to further their knowledge of the industry as well as network with the key  contacts in the area.


Our Roundtable continues to support students who are studying in the logistics and supply chain management field through sponsorship to CSCMP events throughout the year as well as scholarships.  This past year our Roundtable gave out more than $20,000 in academic scholarships and SCPro certification scholarships.  We connect with local colleges, universities, and higher education institutions to support the students that will be leading our industry in the future.


I want to thank our members for your commitment and dedication to the supply chain industry.  I encourage those who are not yet members to become more involved with CSCMP through the local Roundtable.  You will find our organization to be full of exceptional people that strive to continue their own education of the industry while giving back to support those that are just stepping in to supply chain.  The value of the opportunities for networking and personal growth are endless.


Please join us as we continue to connect, educate, and develop the Southern California Supply Chain industry!



Jorie Ramsaur
President, Southern California Roundtable
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

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